Barcode Scanners

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Plug and Play POS Barcode Scanner - Mindeo MD 2000AT

This stylishly designed barcode scanner is suitable to use in different working environments. It can read all major 1D symbols from a distance and has a maximal decode resolution of 3mil to 5mil.

Plug and Play POS Barcode Scanner - Mindeo MD 2250AT+

Mindeo MD 2250AT+ is a high performance general use 1D laser barcode scanner that has all the features of expensive Barcode scanners. It has maximal decode resolution at 5mil and can scan items from a distance of up to 1.5 metres.

Honeywell Barcode Scanner

The extensive scanning abilities of the Honeywell Voyager™ 1250g single-line laser barcode scanner allows you to read linear barcodes up to 58.4 cm away, thereby making scanning out-of-reach items a breeze. With quick and easy stand assembly, automatic in-stand detection and configuration, this product is simple to install and easy to scan with.

Wireless Barcode Scanner

The most compact and impressive barcode scanner that fits into your pocket and can be easily taken along with you anywhere. Its touch and play functionality allows you to scan a barcode with just a click. The second button allows you to erase the scanner's memory or cancel a scan.

Bluetooth barcode scanner

The Opticon Bluetooth barcode scanner is similar to the Wireless pocket barcode scanner with an added advantage that it sends the barcode text to a bluetooth device as you scan. It can store up to 25,000 barcodes along with the timestamp info.

2D Bluetooth barcode scanner (PDF417 and QR Code Scanner)

The Opticon PX-20 Bluetooth Companion Scanner (2D Imager) enables real-time barcode scanning into any Bluetooth ready device including Android, Apple iOS and Windows. The PX-20 scanner is extremely small, easily sliding into a pocket or fitting onto a key chain, making it an ideal solution for field sales and service, inventory management, asset tracking and many more.

Android Barcode Scanner

Industrial Handheld Android Barcode Scanner. Rugged and Portable with High Performance Scanning. Ultra fast Quad-Core Processor.

Rugged Android Smartphone with built in 2D barcode scanner

Built in 2D barcode scanner, 5" HD screen, Android 7.1, IP65, 8MP Camers, GPS, 4000mAh battery