Construction Signs

Custom Aluminium Construction Signs for Harsh outdoor environments withstanding a range of chemicals. Custom Sizes or colours can be manufactured with a special Anodising process to make it durable and ideal for construction or industrial outdoor use.

Custom Construction Signs - Custom size or Colour available

Durable Anodised Aluminium signs is one of the strongest materials in the sign industry.  Full colour custom signs, any size can be manufactured, including, but not limited to:

  • Arrow signs
  • Safety signs
  • Warning signs
  • No smoking signs
  • Toilet signs
  • Fire signs
  • No Parking signs


The following diagram shows the Anodising Process of the Aluminium Signs :

Identification Plate Anodising Process

What is not commonly known is that rubies and sapphires are both termed corundum because they are principally made from aluminium oxide.

According to Mohs scratch hardness scale, Diamond is the only mineral harder than corundum.



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The aluminium barcode tags are forged from aluminum and are extremely good at resisting solvents, salt, air, sun and extreme temperatures. Acetone Activated or 3M peel and stick.