Identification Plate

There are two types of Identification Plate manufactured by us, one from anodised aluminium and the other from Durable laser engraved aluminium called Durablack. Optional Holes, acetone activated glue or 3M 350 Series extreme High-Performance adhesive.

Identification Plates - Custom size or Colour available

It is important to have all of the information possible about your machines so that you can maintain high levels of safety and reduce risk.  To achieve this, most machines are equipped with a nameplate, also called the Identification Plate or data plate.  The identification plate includes vital information about the machine.  To ensure safety it is necessary to have employees read the specifications on the data plate thoroughly during training and before use.  

MERQ Manufacturing manufacture identification plates from two different materials, either a premium quality anodising aliminium, or from a coated laser engrave aluminium that is used by most military and industrial industries, called Durablack.


The following diagram shows the Anodising Process of the Aluminium Indentification plates :

Identification Plate Anodising Process

What is not commonly known is that rubies and sapphires are both termed corundum because they are principally made from aluminium oxide.

According to Mohs scratch hardness scale, Diamond is the only mineral harder than corundum.



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